Market Linkage Specialist at New Leaf

About New Leaf

Inventor of biomass powered cooling technology; New Leaf, expertise’s in establishing end-to-end cold supply chain from farm to fork and guide farmers on postharvest management practices to handle harvested produce for reducing supply chain losses. GreenCHILL™ farm waste powered cold storage, ripening chamber and/or pre-cooler is powered by rice husk, straw, paddy, biomass pellets, waste wood, dry dung cakes, bamboo waste, biogas or any crop waste etc. GreenCHILL™ helps farmers store 10 MT, 15 MT or 20 MT of freshly harvested fruits, vegetable and flowers like apple, pomegranate, muskmelon, orange, banana, mango, pear, custard apple, lemon, potatoes, capsicum, peas, green chili, marigold flower across different locations in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, UP, Punjab etc.  It provides safe storage and cooling of perishable produce at the village or farm level before transport to a market or a processing facility. This allows farmers to preserve their produce until they can get market prices that are profitable.


  • Initiating and developing strong market linkages for GreenCHILL™; between traders/ processors/ exporter and producer organizations;
  • Mobilize GreenCHILL™ users to deliver the set volume targets for horticulture produce to retailers/processors
  • Ensuring training on proper post-harvest handling to GreenCHILL™ users
  • Sensitizing and creating awareness of GreenCHILL™ cold supply chain platform to stakeholders
  • Regular collection of data on horticulture produce sales/volumes etc. to analyze markets and market opportunities, be knowledgeable about existing and potential market conditions.
  • Attend market linkage forums with that aim at marketing the aggregated commodity
  • Prepare field activity reports on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual basis


  • An MBA in marketing/ MSc in Agribusiness/ M.A Rural development or equivalent.
  • At least 5 years of work experience in agricultural marketing.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of the Agriculture sector, particularly participation of Smallholders farmers in the crops production and marketing.
  • Experience working with diverse stakeholders including Government institutions and agencies at National, Regional and Local levels; private sector, Agri inputs suppliers, research institutions, Donors and Producers/Market Associations.
  • Practical knowledge on Market Analysis and Value Chain / Markets Systems Development

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