Chief of Operations at Doorastha

About the company

Doorastha is a start-up company that is working to create an impact on the livelihood generation for rural entrepreneurs by providing energy access in an easy and seamless manner through solar powered micro-grids. This is done through a unique business model, built on the backbone of a futuristic technology solution that includes custom built hardware, firmware and software platform.

Doorastha is promoted by a team of highly experienced technocrats, based in Delhi and incubated at the Electropreneur Park, which is a government of India backed incubation center that aims to create home grown solutions and drive independence in the ESDM (Electronic System Design and Manufacturing) sector. Doorastha also has support from SIIC, IIT Kanpur, and are winners of the Social Alpha Energy Challenge 2019.

JD for Chief of Operations

Are you a young and dynamic leader with a belief and passion to EMPOWER rural enterprises using renewable energy to make for a better world? Are you willing to drive the proliferation of renewable energy micro-grids and monitoring technology across the rural landscape? If yes, Read on.

Brief about the position

Your job would be Influencing and selling to diverse personalities – from men in suits to those in vests. You would get to travel and experience hinterland in an effort to help people living there. You get to oversee deployment of interesting innovative solutions in the sphere of solar micro-grids. You also like to create a structured and methodical way of working and managing operations – you would have the opportunity to do that. We know you as a prudent leader who does not carry ego around with you and likes being one with the team of people that you work with every-day. You can be part of the vibrant environment and be designated as a COO (Chief Of Operations). You will be an evangelist, and get to be part of the Board of Directors (BoD), who would assist you in meeting our goals and achieving our vision of “EmPOWERing Rural Enterprises”.


  • Evolve the sales strategy and personally drive the process to win business and revenue goals of the company.
  • Oversee the operations to ensure profitability targets are met, and customers are satisfied.
  • Work closely with the Board, and the incubators to ensure commitments are tracked and met.
  • Partner with the promoters to pitch and get investments.
  • Enforce adherence to legal guidelines and in-house policies to maintain the company’s legal standing and business ethics.
  • Build and maintain a deep understanding of the renewable energy market, value chain, the rural consumer and competition.
  • Guide the development team to help come up with an optimum solution that incorporates the care-about of the customers and stake-holders.


  1. Educational qualification required is a degree, preferably in Engineering and/or MBA.
  2. Good marketing and presentation skills to sell the value proposition (even good things need to be sold).
  3. Outgoing personality – you should enjoy interacting with diverse personalities.
  4. Exposure to managing teams, because we believe managing people is like herding cats.
  5. Good understanding of technology – aspects of web portal design and development.
  6. Age – preferably in 30’s.

What you would get

  1. An experience in running the full business operations in a start-up company, that has already received accolades for its technology and business innovation.
  2. An opportunity to participate in the growth of the company through shares, in addition to salary and business linked compensation.
  3. Chance to participate in the India growth story in village empowerment and new innovations.


Internship Requirement – Year 2021 – Doorastha Analytics Pvt. Ltd.

General Information

  1. Description of the Company 

    Doorastha Analytics Pvt. Ltd. is promoted by a team of highly experienced technocrats, with the aim to revolutionize the solar micro-grids domain with an innovative “measurement and monitoring” solution that provides data and reports to help optimize the efficiency of the micro-grids and enable easy and active management of the assets. Doorastha is incubated at the Electropreneur Park, which is an incubation canter jointly managed by STPI, IESA and Delhi University, as well as the Start-up Incubation and Innovation Canter (SIIC) at IIT Kanpur. Doorastha is also a winner of the Social Alpha Energy Challenge 2019.

  2. Internship Profile 

    The interns need to be Electronics or Computer Science and Engineering under-graduate or Master students, who are at the minimum have completed at least 3 years of their under-grad studies. They would need to have at least an intermediate level of knowledge in the areas we are seeking to offer internship. Good communication skills is a must. The person has to be able to do design and coding with minimal guidance.Due to the social distancing norms imposed to contain the spread of COVID-19 virus, Doorastha is offering remote internship to students who would like to pursue the same.

    Job Descriptions of different roles is provided in Appendix below.

  3. Responsibilities of the Intern 

    The intern would be responsible for independently developing software or firmware modules, and testing them within the unit, as well as integration in the system. They might be asked to research some techniques and report, or write the code for implementing the module for which specification would be provided. Remote discussion with the architects would be required to seek clarification as well as review implementation. A weekly report of the work carried out should be submitted every week.

  4. Eligibility criteria 

    Cumulative Grade Points Average (CGPA) of above 7.5, or greater than 70% in B.Tech.

  5. Duration of Internship 

    In case of part time internship – 3 – 6 months with commitment of minimum 20 hours per week.

  6. Internship Location 

    Work from home or college hostel. Internet and computer requirement needs to be met by the students themselves and Doorastha would not be in a position to sponsor the same.

  7. Stipend (if any) 

    In case of part time internship – Rs 2,500/- per month for the duration of the internship as mutually decided between the student and Doorastha management.

  8. Perks 


  9. Job Description of different roles
    1. Firmware development – specified modules to be implemented in custom hardware of ArduinoWrite firmware code in C, and compile for Arduino platform or another custom microcontroller platform. Modules per the specification would need to be coded and tested for functionality and accuracy. These modules would include device drivers for displays, input devices, data acquisition from peripherals and communication with external devices through standard interfaces like NFC and IEEE 802.11 standards.
    2. Development of server-side application using Python – specific modules, APIs to be implementedAPI development in Python/PHP with SQL DB, for server back-end application to process and present data in the form of dashboards, graphs and tables. Creation of a web portal front-end with registration and an access control based on privileges assigned to the users.
    3. Android app developmentCreate an Android app to communicate with other devices using IEEE 802.11 standard, and establish a messaging system with a back-end cloud server. A data storage and retrieval system on a local database like MySQL on the mobile will need to be established. The data would need to be presented on the mobile devi