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  • Hasirudala

    Dignified livelihoods + environmental impact

  • Help Us Green

    Converting flower waste into organic vermicompost and biodegradable packaging material through ‘flowercycling®’ technology.

  • Voxelgrids

    World's first helium-free, low-cost, portable mri scanner

  • Bionic Yantra

    Robotic exoskeleton for persons with disabilities

  • Incredible Devices

    Catheter reprocessing system making cardiovascular treatment affordable

  • Blee

    Leveraging ubiquitous technology for the hearing impaired

  • Meghshala

    Providing access to high quality innovative lessons to government school teachers

  • Kamal Kisan

    Smart tools and machinery for small & marginal farmers

  • Poorti

    Afforable high quality prosthesis for breast cancer survivors

  • ffem

    Open source, affordable, digital drinking water and soil field test kit

  • Bubblenut Wash

    Replacing harmful chemical detergents with biodegradables

  • Trust Circle

    Making quality mental health care affordable and accessible

  • Tactopus

    Multi-sensory learning resources to enable children with vision loss to participate in mainstream education

  • Hemex Health

    Point of use diagnostic device for malaria and sickle cell, that costs less than $1 per test

  • Battery Pool

    Premier charging solutions for battery swapping in electric vehicles

  • Subhag

    Access to high quality, affordable, infertility treatment through home based IUI kit

  • EasyGov

    Aadhar stack-based solution to enable citizens access Government schemes & entitlements

  • Habba

    A fair and transparent market place for artisans

  • Navgurukul

    Unique residential model for youth that is project-based, skill based, peer driven and vernacular, making higher education employment-focused

  • Farm Veda

    Enhancing farmer income by sourcing produce directly from farmers to make value added products

  • Open CHS

    A comprehensive open source community health platform to empower primary health workers with decision-making

  • Small Change

    Engaging a new generation of individual givers to fund certified ngos, towards a cause of their choice

  • Sistema Bio

    Innovative biodigestor technology to help smallholder farmers & address challenges of poverty, food security and climate change

  • Alto Precision

    Solar powered efficient decentralized machinery for small-scale agri processing

  • 22 Bate 7

    Cost effective, realtime feedback solution for classrooms to improve learning outcomes

  • EmpowerU

    An offline, real-time monitoring and evaluation platform for government schools

  • Drivamp

    Smart electric vehicle charging infrastructure that enables the ease of adoption of electric mobility

  • Driot

    High quality & affordable healthcare access through innovative health financing solutions

  • Kethworks

    Hyper-efficient solar powered irrigation pump for small and marginal farmers

  • Innaumation

    A $1 voice prosthesis device that helps throat cancer patients get their voice back

  • Greenvironment

    IOT based sensing and remote monitoring for improved O&M of decentralized sewage treatment plants in India

  • Rang De

    Peer to peer lending platform with reduced cost of borrowing for the underserved

  • SustLabs

    Big-data analytics + Data-as-a-Service with hardware; making energy consumption easier to understand & manage

  • SolShare

    Decentralized peer to peer microgrids delivering solar power to households & businesses, enabling them to trade their (excess) electricity for profit

  • Sensivision

    Affordable and effective treatment for complicated birth asphyxia complication, and neonatal care

  • Krimanshi

    Upcycling food waste into low-cost high quality nutritious cattle feeds and fodder

  • Sys3E

    Dual Axis PV trackers for solar PV modules at a price point comparable to Single Axis trackers

  • Design Alpha

    A one-stop- shop for entrepreneurs to materialise better hardware concepts & market ready products at different stages

  • Insight Alpha

    High-quality management consulting services to the development sector at affordable price

  • Lets Endorse

    A digital platform that connects changemakers, innovators, and funders to co-create impact

  • talkaDoc

    Access to affordable & quality mental healthcare through AI, ML and telemedicine

  • Takachar

    Small-scale, low-cost, portable biomass conversion into solid fuel, providing additional income to farmers

  • Delectrik Systems

    Low cost, long life, long duration batteries for affordable and sustainable energy access.

  • Adhyayan

    Creating a common mechanism to use data to track progress in a holistic and transparent manner to increase investment in education.

  • Gooru

    A unique 'GPS for learning' model to navigate students through their entire learning journey.

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