Globally, climate change could lead to the internal migration of 216 million people by 2050, with early hotspots emerging as soon as 2030

By 2050, 45 million people in India are projected to migrate in response to climate change

21 million workers could potentially face social and economic challenges as India transitions away from traditional fuel sources

Seasonal migrant workers in the construction sector lose an estimated INR 64 billion per year due to uncertain employment terms


Over 200 million individuals from India’s marginalised communities depend on internal migration as a means of their livelihood. Given the growing impact of climate change and climate action on rural livelihoods, migration will continue to increase as a livelihood strategy. However, migrating out of poverty is not straightforward: the available employment opportunities are predominantly within the informal economy, typically in sectors such as construction, manufacturing, and services. Recruitment often occurs through informal channels mediated by several layers of sub-contractors, leading to underpayment, overwork, and poor working conditions. Most migrant workers lack access to basic amenities such as adequate food and nutrition, water and sanitation, housing, education, and quality healthcare. High mobility makes it challenging for governments and markets to cater to migrant workers, making them a vastly underserved segment.

To address these critical issues, Social Alpha has launched Techtonic – Innovations for Future Ready Migrant Workforce in partnership with the Migrants Resilience Collaborative. The objective of this program is to create a stack of innovative and viable solutions that collectively catalyse upward mobility for migrant workers, contributing to a more sustainable, inclusive and equitable future.

Focus Areas

Who Should Apply

  • Pre-revenue solutions with the potential to create impact at scale and demonstrate business model sustainability.
  • Solutions that leverage existing digital public infrastructure (DPI) or demonstrate use cases for emerging DPIs will be preferred.
  • Solutions catering to broader groups or other segments, with the potential to integrate migrant workers to unlock viability at scale, will also be considered.

Program Offerings

Market Validation and Piloting:
Access to over 4 million migrant workers across 13 states in India, in addition to on-ground operational support.
Access to State-of-the-art Innovation Labs:
Solutions that leverage science and technology will have access to Social Alpha’s state-of-the-art innovation labs.
Access to Partnerships:
Access to potential partners for user research, prototyping, marketing, and distribution.
Mentorship by global and local experts in building viable market-based solutions for low-income communities.
Grant Funding:
Grant funding of up to INR 50 lakhs.
Access to Seed Funding:
Ventures that graduate successfully can pitch for seed funding with Social Alpha and other partners in our network.

Important Dates

  • Launch of Techtonic – Innovations for Future Ready Migrant Workforce

    December 15th, 2023
  • Deadline for Applications

    February 16th, 2024
  • Evaluation

    March 26th, 2024
  • Announcement of Winners

    March 28th, 2024
  • Acceleration and Pilot Deployment

    April 15th, 2024

Our Partners

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