In India, small-holder farmers grapple with fragmented land issues, absence of irrigation, unpredictable weather conditions, low productivity, price volatility, and a broken agri-food value chain—all leading to subsistence farming, increased debts, and low income. Although several technology-based innovations exist to address these challenges, smallholder farmers have had limited opportunity to avail of them.

To improve productivity and increase farmers’ income, we have collaborated with Cisco India CSR to launch Krishi Mangal – an initiative that brings together the power of innovation, entrepreneurship, and communities for the wellbeing and prosperity of smallholder farmers. Krishi Mangal follows a two-pronged approach to support deep-tech innovations – a Scale-up Accelerator for AgriTech start-ups and promoting the Digital Innovation Platform for collaborations across the agriculture & allied value-chain.

AgriTech Scale-up Accelerator

Through a rigorous process, we have selected five innovative start-ups to be a part of the Scale-up Accelerator

  • Grant funds for Field Implementation
  • Marketing & Branding Support
  • Sales & Distribution Support
  • Fundraising Support

Digital Innovation Platform

Conceptualised and built by Social Alpha, the Open Innovation Platform is a first of its kind digital collective that brings various stakeholders from different sectors, together.

Through Krishi Mangal, this Digital Innovation Platform will be promoted to expedite collaboration and co-creation in agriculture and allied sector.

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