Do you have innovative, affordable, accessible, & efficient agritech solutions for smallholder farmers?

Program Overview

India has 157.35 million hectares of land under cultivation yet faces many challenges. 60% of agricultural land is at risk of soil degradation because of poor cropping pattern, $13 Billion was the economic cost for post-harvest loss in 2016 only and 35% of arable land was under irrigation in 2010. Despite myriad of challenges, the agri-food system is undergoing some transformation, but the speed of this change is much slower than what is required for achieving the SDGs, especially those related to land, water, environment, and climate change. Major changes will be witnessed in both growth rate as well as the composition of food demand in the coming years. Considering the unprecedent challenges that agriculture is facing and the opportunities that exist, there is a need for transformative innovations in Agri and allied sector.

India Agritech Incubation Network (IAIN) — a joint initiative by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Social Alpha — presents, “Techtonic Innovations in Agritech” to support innovative technologies and solutions addressing the problems thereby increasing the productivity and income of small and marginal farmers.

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Investment Facilitation Partner


We invite innovators and entrepreneurs, with innovative technology, with strong focus on affordability, accessibility, efficiency, and user experience solutions working on any of the following challenges faced by smallholder farmers based in Uttar Pradesh and Odisha.


Who should Apply?

Innovators & Start-ups with solutions that are technologically innovative and have the potential to create an impact in the lives of smallholder farmers of Uttar Pradesh & Odisha and demonstrate business model sustainability.

We are inviting applications in two categories:

Product Development/EIR stage

Innovations / Solutions in this category will receive support in physical prototype development and testing. The following Technology Readiness Level (TRL) will be considered for this categorisation.

  • TRL 2 – Innovation or Technology Conceptualization/Ideation stage.
  • TRL 3 – Proof of Concept stage / Active R&D has been initiated. This includes analytical studies and laboratory studies to physically validate the analytical predictions of separate elements of the technology.
  • TRL 4 – Basic technological components have been integrated to establish that they work together.
  • TRL 5 – Technology has been put together and can be tested in a simulated environment.
Piloting stage

This category is looking to provide support in primarily product commercialization and Go-To-Market Strategy. This would target the following in terms of Technology Readiness Level (TRL)

  • TRL 6 – Prototype is being tested in simulated operational environment or in a high-fidelity laboratory
  • TRL 7 – Actual system prototype is near completion or ready and has been demonstrated in an operational environment or is at pilot level.
  • TRL 8 – Technology is proven and developed but not yet operational or applied anywhere.
  • TRL 9 – Technology has been applied in its final form and is operational
  • The product is already in the market and can be scaled

Program Offerings

Selected winners to receive

Pilot Opportunities

Access to paid pilots to test and validate the solution in Uttar Pradesh and Odisha.

Incubation Support

Incubation support services such as product development support, accounting, compliance, taxation, legal, IP (Intellectual Property), etc.

Product Development Support

Credits for product development support including assistance with designing, rapid prototyping, and design for manufacturing

On-Ground Feedback

Practical on-the-ground feedback from the farmer community, grassroots non-profits, agriculture experts and corporate and government bodies

Portfolio Management

Access to mentors and capacity building through dedicated portfolio management.

Infrastructure Support

Access to shared office space and amenities at Social Alpha.

Agri-Business Expertise

Dedicated agri-business experts to assist with business planning, developing go-to-market strategy and overall business advisory.

Seed Investment/Grants

Access to Social Alpha’s seed investment and / or grants funding; and facilitated access to a large investor and donor network.


  • Launch of Techtonic Innovations in Agritech

    1st Aug 2022
  • Deadline for applications

    31st Aug 2022
  • Evaluation & Virtual Interviews

    1st – 15th Sep 2022
  • Jury round for top 25;
    Grand finale

    20th Sep 2022
  • Announcement of winners

    25th Sep 2022
  • Incubation support and Pilot initiation

    30th Sep 2022
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